• Mrs. Morissette

Water Challenge Journals

Good Afternoon Watershed Explorers,

If you are interested in completing the water challenge journal assignment, you must start this month. The direction page is available on the homepage of the website. I encourage you to print the direction sheet out and paste it into the front of your journal. This will help to guide you each time you visit your site. Remember to pick a site that is easily accessible to you. Ask your parents, an older sibling, a grandparent, a babysitter etc., to accompany you to the site. Maybe the person that goes with you can even create their own journal.

This is a great opportunity that allows you to model the work of a field scientist and see how a body of water changes through the seasons. The photo above is from the journal of a 2016 Watershed Explorer who was a 5th grader at the time. She thoroughly enjoyed this experience and went above and beyond to showcase some beautiful drawings and written responses about her chosen site. Each student who completes the water challenge journal will earn some amazing prizes at our conference on May 23rd.