• Mrs. Morissette

Explorers, Leaves, and Remembrance

This was a great moment with the NBC Watershed Explorers from Chester Barrows. After two hours of really focused science work, the groups finished up their water testing and had a few minutes to enjoy being outdoors. This little boy asked to be buried in the leaves and his friends obliged. You can barely make out his face.

My favorite part was when he emerged from the pile and said, "Wow, it was so peaceful under there." I asked if he could hear anything and he said no, not really.

I encourage all my Watershed Explorer friends to jump or get buried in the leaves. Enjoy a fall day, no matter what the weather. We all need the outdoors, more than ever.

This month, I sadly read of the passing of a great outdoor educator named Erin Kenny. She was the driving force behind the Cedarsong Nature School and her favorite saying was, "Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take the walls away." I never met Erin Kenny, but I have read her articles and I even considered taking her outdoor education teacher workshop this summer. From what I have heard, she was an amazing person and taught children and adults alike to be present in nature. Let's keep Erin Kenny's legacy alive by taking the walls away and getting outdoors!