• cynthiamorissette

Be the Change

Good Afternoon Watershed Explorers,

I mentioned this last week, but I am setting aside tomorrow's post for a special edition to honor one of my favorite people on the planet, Dr. Jane Goodall. Dr. Jane is turning 86 young years tomorrow and she deserves a post all her own for the amazing work that she continues to do to make this world a better place for all living creatures.

Dr. Jane is always talking about making positive differences in this world. These differences can be large or small, local or global. As a birthday gift to Dr. Jane, I thought it would be great if we could all think of at least one action of kindness we could perform that would create a positive difference either in the lives of our own family or possibly even others in the world. This includes all living creatures, not just humans.

I read a fantastic quote today from a post on the website for the New Dream, it stated, "What we do individually and collectively right now will shape the course of history and change the future. How we care for ourselves and each other, how we extend compassion, solidarity, and care toward one another—these acts will speak our truth and help to slowly create the world we want to see. Even at a time when we are understandably hyper-focused on our immediate needs and families, we can also be taking profound action on behalf of the collective good."

I know that you all have so much going on just within your own family right now. We don't need to change the world today. You would also be surprised at how just a few small acts of kindness shown to those closest to you can travel a very long way. There is a great book titled, The Turtle Saver, that talks about this very subject. It is worth the read!

I hope that you will consider emailing me some of your ideas. I would love to hear about the positive differences that you are thinking about making. I will also send a message to Dr. Jane through the Jane Goodall Institute website about the ideas that you share so that she might see what we are doing in her honor.

I vow today, that in order to make a positive difference, I will keep this blog going and continue to share messages of hope and kindness with our entire Watershed Explorer community. I feel truly blessed every day that I am connected to such amazing students and teachers. I hope that you will share your ideas for actions of kindness. Let's inspire others to honor Dr. Jane and make this world a better place for us all.

I miss you all and am sending you so much love,

Mrs. Morissette