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Bringing the Critters to YOU!

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

We are on our last day of the first week of virtual learning. I hope you all have a great Friday and I congratulate all of you for getting through the first week! How did you do? Was it fun, challenging, what exciting projects did you work on? I would love to hear about it all, so please write to me in the blog comment section, or send an email through the email Mrs. Morissette button. I know you are all super busy, but hearing from students truly makes my day.

I am going to reserve Sundays for our critter spotlight, but I thought since we can't get to our testing sites, I would bring some pictures and videos of critters to you. Yesterday, my family and I visited the Wood-Pawcatuck River in West Greenwich. This is a very protected river in the woods and therefore the water quality is good. Certain parts of the river do collect some runoff from the road and if you remember from our Build a Watershed lesson, this can decrease the health of the river, but since the traffic on the roads there is minimal, the river stays pretty healthy.

Here is a great video of a Northern Casemaker Caddisfly larva (Nemotaulius hostilis) poking its head out from its case!

During our in-class lesson in February, I was able to share the book, Song of the Water Boatman by Joyce Sidman with some of you. This is a wonderful book of poems and information all about water creatures. I am including one of my favorite poems about the caddisfly below. This selection also showcases the amazing illustrations of Becky Prange. I hope you will read it and enjoy. Caddisflies are one of my favorite macro invertebrates. It's amazing how one little worm can build such a fantastic case and then actually carry it around prior to transforming into a winged creature. I hope that those of you that researched the caddisfly have a better appreciation for this tiny little wonder. I challenge you to share some of the facts you learned on the blog so that other scientists can share in the knowledge. It would be great if some of you would share information about the other critters you researched as well. I am still hoping that we get to share our posters, but if this isn't possible, let's spread the wealth of knowledge to each other here!

Today is going to be beautiful, so please get outside and enjoy. As always, I miss you all and would love to hear from you soon.

Happy Exploring and much love,

Mrs. M.

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