• cynthiamorissette

Cool at the Zoo

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

Almost everything is closed, including some of the really fun places that families visit here in Rhode Island, like the zoos, museums, and aquariums. However, many of these organizations have taken to the web and are providing some awesome educational videos so patrons can keep up with their favorite friends. I will try to highlight a few of these wonderful happenings each week, so that you can check them out.

Today I wanted to focus on the Roger Williams Park Zoo. RWP Zoo is producing a short video, most are about 6 minutes or so, every Tuesday and Thursday. Here is the link to check out past videos You can also check out the live episodes every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00 p.m.

These videos showcase some of the zoos animals, feeding practices, and education. My girls and I watched two of them this morning and they were highly entertaining. Our favorite was about the agouti Delila. The video also connected with a lesson my second grader just completed this week on seed dispersal. I encourage you all to check these out, I promise that they won't disappoint!

Another amazing program that the zoo does is called Nature Swap. This program is not new, but while the zoo is closed, they are offering it virtually. This means that you can take pictures of the natural items that you find while exploring, email them to the zoo, and collect your points. If you are interested in signing up for an account, you can email The zoo is also connecting points to its live episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so if you watch an episode and complete the accompanying activity, you will earn 1,000 points for your nature swap account.

I hope that some of you will check these programs out. The zoo is an outstanding, educational resource and any support that we can provide while they are closed truly helps.

I hope you all have a beautiful day! I miss you and I am thinking of you!

Much love,

Mrs. Morissette