• cynthiamorissette

Create Your Own Special Place

Happy Earth Week Watershed Explorers,

Earth Day is Wednesday, and as promised, I hope to bring you a week of great activities that you can enjoy to celebrate our precious planet. I hope that you will try some of the activities and send your stories so that I can share them with all the Watershed Explorers. If you already have something cool planned for Earth Day, please send those ideas along too!

One of my family's favorite books is Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran. I am including a link to a read-aloud below. There weren't many to choose from and this seemed to be the best one, so I hope that you will take a listen.

Roxaboxen is a realistic fiction story about some children that create their own special place to play using natural materials. Not everyone has space where they can create as extravagant a play area as described in the story, but many of you have a small space with natural items. I know with some creativity, you could create a cool spot of your own. A fairy garden, a sit-spot, a rock garden or just a nature critter would be great. Here is a picture of an awesome fairy garden that was created using pinecones, tree bark, shells, moss, and sticks. It was also done in a very small space.

In my very humble opinion, the best way to love the Earth is to get out and spend time in nature. The natural gifts that we are provided can be loved and cared for so much better if they are understood and enjoyed. Let's start Earth week off on a positive note and get outside today!

Much love Watershed Explorers, I miss you all!

Mrs. Morissette