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Creativity is Contagious

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on." - Albert Einstein

I continue to be thoroughly impressed by all of the Watershed Explorer work I am receiving. I am so proud of all of you for continuing to explore and for creating such outstanding projects. You are an inspiration to everyone!

Here are more pictures of Explorer work. Enjoy and congratulations to all of these Watershed Explorers! These students are all 5th graders from Mrs. Gentile's class at Anna McCabe. The photos are in a slideshow, so be sure to click the arrow to see the next one!

I posted three pictures of birds in yesterday's blog and challenged Explorers to identify them. Here are the answers:

* The first was a photo of a sharp-shinned hawk

My family and I spotted this awesome bird as we drove into our neighborhood on Saturday and then we spotted it again on Monday. I was able to get really close to take the picture that was in yesterday's post. It was the sharp-shinned hawk's call that allowed us to identify it. This hawk has similar coloring to other hawks, so at first, it was difficult to tell which one it was, but thankfully it talked to us on Monday and we were able to listen to several different calls and identify it!

*The second photo was of an eastern bluebird

We have never had bluebirds at our bird feeder before, but this year we have been lucky enough to have both the male and female visiting us almost daily. It's been a really special treat. The female eastern bluebird, like many other species, has a much duller color compared to the male. The bird pictured in the photo yesterday was the male!

*The third was a red-bellied woodpecker

This bird is super cool. It normally eats insects that it finds in trees, but it will also eat some nuts as well and we put a nut/seed mixture in our window feeder. This critter visits us occasionally and when it does it uses its feet to hang off of the feeder and pecks its long beak into the feeder to extract the nuts.

I hope that you were able to identify some of these birds. I also hope that you will construct a cool feeder, or take or draw some pictures of birds and send photos along for a future post.

Just a quick reminder that there is still time to send a poster for NBC's poster contest. We are accepting submissions digitally, so if you can take a picture of your poster and send it by email that would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link to the information if you would still like to complete a poster. Remember, first place for each grade receives $100 check!

Enjoy the beautiful day Watershed Explorers, and as always, get out and explore!

Much love,

Mrs. Morissette