• cynthiamorissette


Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

I would like to thank all of the Watershed Explorers who have been keeping in touch. Your emails and stories bring such joy to my day.

Today's post is going to be a hodgepodge. First, I wanted to ask you all for ideas for future posts. Is there anything that you are interested in, or anything that you would like to learn about? Send me your ideas and I will incorporate them into a future post. Click the email Mrs. Morissette button at the bottom of any of the website pages and send me an email with your thoughts.

The second item for today, I wanted to share some great photos that my scientist friend Jacob from Oaklawn Elementary sent me. He continues to get outside with his mom to some wonderful spots and I am so thankful for their correspondence. These photos were taken at Tillinghast Pond in West Greenwich, RI. Thank you, Jacob, if I had badges to give away, you would certainly be getting EXPERT! Keep up the amazing exploring!

The third item, I know that it is raining today, but rainy days are the best days to get outside and practice good social distancing rules. Almost no one likes to head out into the rain, but if you have the right gear the rainy day hikes can be the most enjoyable. There will definitely be fewer people out and about, you almost don't even notice the rain when you are under the tree cover of the forest, and tons of critters, especially the water ones don't mind being wet!

The last items for this hodgepodge post today are a little collection of pictures and a video I took yesterday of some critters my family and I found at the Mowry Conservation Area in Smithfield. There is so much life happening in our freshwater bodies right now, I am heartbroken that we are missing our field trips to our testing sites. I hope that some of you will safely get out and explore them yourself.

Enjoy my scientist friends!!!

Have a wonderful afternoon my friends.

Much love,

Mrs. Morissette