• cynthiamorissette

Keep Exploring

Good Morning Watershed Explorers! I know this is not how we all envisioned the start of our spring, but while we are taking this break from our daily routines, there are some amazing places here in our state that you can go exploring! Each day, I will try to highlight either an outdoor place that you can visit, or an activity that you could try with simple materials at home to continue exploring watersheds.

Spring is a great time to get out and enjoy some natural places. Amphibians and insects are emerging, birds are out in abundance, and buds are beginning to show on trees and other plants. I would love for some of you to get outside, get some fresh air, and take advantage of this time. You could even bring your school work outdoors!!!

In this initial blog, I want to tell you about a great resource for hikes that you can purchase online. It was written by a Rhode Islander and friend, Jeanine Silversmith and it is a fantastic. It includes directions and information about each of the 42 hikes it showcases, as well as space where you can journal about your explorations, and a page where you can put pictures that you take on your hike as well. You can get Jeanine's book by visiting

Hike number 35 in this book is located in the beautiful Arcadia Management Area in Exeter, RI. It is called Stepstone Falls and the walk runs right along the beautiful Wood River. My family and I visited there on Sunday and there were dozens of caddisfly larvae in the water. Take a look at two pictured below.

If you want to visit Stepstone Falls, it is located off Route 165/Ten Rod Road in Exeter. You can spend some time exploring the river, or walk to the falls. I would love to hear about your outdoor explorations. Please visit the website often and if you can email me using the email Mrs. Morissette button I will try to feature your work in a future post.

Much love Watershed Explorers!