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Learn with Audubon

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

Earth Day is tomorrow, but as you know we are celebrating here on the blog all week long! There are some wonderful activities happening in our state. Many of our state's nature education organizations have put together some really cool learning programs so that students can stay connected while they are at home. Last week, I showcased the Roger William's Park Zoo: Zoo School. Today I wanted to showcase Audubon's learning programs. There are fantastic lessons that you can check out online. Here is the link to get there

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, week 5 is all about Earth Day. There are lessons on frogs, turtles, owls and more. I encourage you to choose one of the activities to complete. There are stories read by Audubon staff that you can watch, online videos about the topic of the week, crafts, and printables if you have printer access at home. I would love to hear about an activity that you completed and what your thoughts were about how it went.

I am considering working on a point system for any of the activities that you complete and hoping to connect those to some rewards. I will get back to you with the protocol once I have it all ironed out, but I would still encourage you to work on some of the challenges that I have provided and email me with your efforts.

I have a little something extra special planned for tomorrow, so I hope that you will hop on the blog and check it out.

One last little note, I know that this is probably a bit late for most of you to stay up, but if you have a way to record, National Geographic is showing Jane Goodall: The Hope tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. They also have a whole day of wonderful programming planned for Earth Day that you could check out.

Much love Watershed Explorers,

Mrs. Morissette