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Nature Impressions

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

I had to post this great picture that my girls and I captured yesterday!!

Due to the way that this monarch was pumping its wings, we thought that it might have just emerged from its chrysallis. How fitting as an addition to the critter spotlight from earlier this week?

Today's blog was inspired by an article in EcoParent magazine. This month's kid feature is nature impressions. Here are a few pages to help guide your creations!

Once you create your nature impression and let it dry, you might also decide to paint it! This is a really great way to take nature home, without actually taking nature home! I am sure that this is self explanatory but make sure never to use anything live for imprinting, that creature would definitely not appreciate it!

As always, I would love to see your creations! Email and send them along!

Happy Exploring,

Mrs. Morissette

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