• cynthiamorissette

Quick Poetry Challenge

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

Today I would like to challenge you to complete a quick acrostic poem. Use the letters in either your first or last name and create a poem all about nature. Here is my example:

Magnificent macro invertebrates

Olfactory sense used for observation

Rushing river runs over rough rocks

Illustrations of nature help to remember

Salamanders are sensitive to pollution

Sticky pads are found on tree frog toes

Exoskeletons cover insect bodies

Take only pictures when enjoying nature

Tread lightly when walking on trails

Everyone makes a difference every day, let's make them positive.

I hope you will write one, and have fun!

Thanks to my 5th grade Anna McCabe friends for sending more awesome work! Check out the collage below! It showcases what was found when students lifted up fallen logs. Thank you so much to all of the students who completed this activity and sent pictures along. You rock!

Thank you to Caleb from Anna McCabe for sending this fantastic picture of a fox. Caleb's family discovered that there is a fox den near their house and they were able to safely capture this picture. Caleb also drew the fox's food web! This is so cool Caleb!

Lastly, thanks to Olivia for this beautiful nature critter. I love how you used the dandelion. Thank you to all of you for getting out and exploring nature. I am so proud!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone and I will be back on Sunday with a fun critter spotlight.

Much love,

Mrs. Morissette