• cynthiamorissette

Rainy Day, FANTASTIC!!!

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

I hope that you are all doing well today. I wanted to encourage you all to get outside, as always. Rainy days can sometimes be the best days to explore. It usually means less people, more critters, and MUD!!! Your parents might not like that one, sorry parents! Mud is super fun though, and today there should be plenty of it.

Have you ever seen a salamander before? Salamanders love to wet their skin by coming to the surface during the rainy days. In fact, all amphibians love the wet weather. If you can, leave those screens and get outside for some fun exploring and of course healthy fresh air!!

Below are two pictures of a Northern redback salamander (Plethodon cinereus) that my girls and I found along the Mt. Tom trail in Arcadia Management area just this week! It was actually on Tuesday, also a rainy day. I bet there are a ton of amphibians out today!

Happy Exploring wonderful scientists and please remember to dress warm and preferably water resistant. It would be best if you have some rain pants, a rain coat and boots, but if not, dress in layers that can be removed if needed.

I know this is only day two of blogging, but I really would love to hear about your explorations, so please forward them by using the email Mrs. Morissette button below. I will definitely post some of your stories and pictures!!

I miss you all and hope you are feeling well!

Much love,

Mrs. M