• cynthiamorissette


Good Afternoon Watershed Explorers,

I hope you all had a great Earth Day and got outside yesterday. I would love to see any of the work that you are completing, so please keep sending your stories and photos. I received some awesome pictures yesterday from a few Watershed Explorers that I wanted to showcase. Thank you very much girls for sending these pictures along, both were from Mrs. Gentile's class at the Anna McCabe School. I hope they inspire others to share their work. Our Watershed Explorer community is strong and we can keep each other and our Earth going through our efforts. Remember my quote from Dr. Jane? We all make a difference every day and I know that you are making positive differences that we would all benefit from knowing about!

Thank you so much for getting out into nature. It's one of the best ways we can show our love for this amazing Earth.

Much love,

Mrs. M.