Make A Positive Difference Every Single Day

January 5, 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!! Over the last few hours I have been reading some biographies about some amazing young people who are part of the Roots and Shoots National Leadership Council. These youngsters are doing amazing projects to better our world. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Roots and Shoots it is a youth organized community action program that was founded by Dr. Jane Goodall in 1991. Dr. Goodall calls Roots and Shoots a program for hope. She explains that its' most important message is that each individual makes a difference in the world every day. My very favorite quote from Dr. Goodall speaks to exactly that, and it reads, "You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." Every school visit that I share with the students and teachers in the Narragansett Bay Commission's Watershed Explorers Program, I am inspired to make a positive difference in the world. Your energy is empowering. I was captivated throughout the entire month of December watching the creativity that every explorer showed in constructing their team's wind mobile. I was also exceptionally proud of the Agnes Little 2nd graders who kept their composure just days before Christmas and allowed us to have 4 amazing build a watershed lessons. 


As 2017 is upon us, I know that I am going to work even more diligently to make sure that I make a positive impact in some way, every day. I challenge each of you to do the same. Positivity is infectious, and so are simple acts of kindness. Take a moment each day to be conscious of yourself in this world. I want to leave you with a story: It is no secret that I am a great admirer of Dr. Jane Goodall. One of my very favorite lifetime memories was my one meeting with her at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI. In addition to my work at NBC, I spent my Saturdays at the zoo at that time, as a docent (volunteer educator) and I was wearing my volunteer t-shirt. I waited in line for about an hour and while I waited I rehearsed what I would say when it was my turn. When that time arrived, I shook her hand, handed her my book to sign, and I said, "I just can't thank you enough for all of the incredible work that you do." She gently placed her hand on my arm, glanced at my t-shirt, and said, "I can't thank you enough for the work that you do." Inspiration is all around us, look for it, harness it, and use it for good.

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