I am very excited to welcome all the 2020/21 Watershed Explorers to the Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) family. Although we will be meeting virtually this year, I truly hope that this program inspires you to get away from the computer and outside as much as possible. NBC owns and operates the two largest wastewater treatment facilities in Rhode Island and the mission of the Watershed Explorers program is to educate students about what NBC does, as well as encourage students to become clean water stewards of their own. Water is one of the Earth's most precious resources. Let's work to learn about it, understand it, and protect it. 

Please visit the website as often as you can and if you have any questions, you can click the email Mrs. Morissette button at the bottom of the page to send me your comments and questions. 

I look forward to seeing all of you on some virtual chats soon!

Much Love,

Mrs. M.

Contact the NBC Watershed Explorers Program:

Address: One Service Road, Providence, RI 02905

p: 401-443-4947

f: 401-784-3528