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Watershed Explorers take three field trips during the course of each program year.

  • In the fall, explorers visit the Narragansett Bay Commission's Field's Point Wastewater Treatment Facility, then they head to their designated water quality testing location for water quality testing.

  • The first spring field trip is to the same water quality testing location which was visited in the fall, but this time the students discover the biological life of the water body through the search for macro invertebrates. Students are given nets, pans of leaves and other related testing equipment and are allowed to explore the water body for life. These findings are then recorded very similar to their water quality data in their notebook.

  • The last field trip which takes place in May encompasses all of the 800 plus watershed explorers. This field trip is a culminating end-of-year conference which brings the watershed explorers together for data presentations, speeches, and fun activities. 

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