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Clean Water Heroes

Good Morning Watershed explorers,

If we were able to gather yesterday at Goddard Park, I would have composed a speech. In that speech, I would have thanked all of you, your teachers, and the staff of the Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) for the continued support of the Watershed Explorer's Program. I would have mentioned how many of the staff who would've been at the conference yesterday, had helped us earlier in the year with our field trips and tours. While most of the NBC staff is working from home, crucial staff, including many you have met, have continued going to work each day.

These men and women of NBC have completed their necessary work schedule day in and day out, so that wastewater treatment continues without interruption. They have made it possible for NBC's wastewater treatment facilities to treat the millions of gallons of wastewater received each day, ensuring that our rivers, bays, and ocean stay safe.

As part of this incredible organization, I wanted to use today's blog to publicly thank each and every one of my amazing co-workers. They are clean water heroes!

I would like to encourage all of the Watershed Explorers to send a little note, draw a picture, or make a sign to thank these incredible people. Some of you might even remember a staff member that helped during our fall field trip and want to thank that person! I know that they would really appreciate hearing from you!

Without the support of the incredible NBC staff, and its Board of Commissioners, the Watershed Explorer's Program would not be a success. I am forever grateful and unbelievably proud to work for such an incredible organization.


Much Love,

Mrs. Morissette

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2020. máj. 21.

Hi Mrs. M, I love your daily blogs. They inspire me so much to get outside more than I usually do. Love Olivia Keene, 5th grade Mrs. Gentile's class

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