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Creature Power Challenge

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

My family is fairly screen-free, however, one of my girls' favorite shows is Wild Kratts. If you haven't seen Wild Kratts, they choose different animals to spotlight for each of their shows and they highlight the creature powers that each animal possesses. This month's Ranger Rick magazine did something very similar with fish. I am including a link to the article below If you like this article, Ranger Rick is offering three months of free access to their online resources, so take a moment and sign-up!

All this thinking about creature powers lead me to come up with this challenge that I would like to pose to all of you. Think of three creature powers that you wish you could have. Once you have chosen the powers, write a paragraph that answers these questions: 1. What creature powers would you choose? 2. What creature/creatures do the powers come from? 3. How does/do the creature/creatures use the power? 4. How would you use each power? After writing your paragraph, draw a picture of yourself with the creature powers. You can even draw an action picture of yourself showing how you would use the creature powers.

Email me your finished work at by Friday, July 31st. I will highlight pieces in an August blog, and one student with the best creature power writing and drawing will win some nature prizes. Please be sure to include your name, school, and home address with your submission, so that I can send you the goodies!

Happy Creature Power Creating Watershed Explorers,

Much Love,

Mrs. Morissette

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