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Don't be FISHY while FISHING!

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Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

Many students have been regaling wonderful stories about fishing recently. I love hearing about students getting outside, and fishing can be a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors. There are definitely right and wrong ways to do everything, and this is no different with fishing. From experience, I can tell you that finding a string of fishing line in a macro net can definitely put a damper on a scooping expedition. Not only can the line get tangled in the net, but the dangers presented to wildlife are extensive. Here are some great tips to ensure that you have a wonderful experience fishing, while still being considerate of your watershed area.

Tips for a successful, fun, and safe fishing trip:

  • Don't leave any materials behind. Take all fishing line, hooks, and lures with you.

  • Don't attach weights to your line. Many weights are made of lead and can easily be swallowed by water birds and fish. This can poison them.

  • Take an adult with you if the fishing area is unfamiliar to you, or a far distance from your house. Also be sure to practice water safety.

  • Carry some necessary equipment with you in case your line gets tangled and you need to cut it loose. It would be terrible to have to leave equipment behind if it gets stuck.

  • Always make sure that you follow state guidelines. Here are Rhode Island's guidelines for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

This post was inspired by this month's Ranger Rick magazine. Ranger Rick is published by the National Wildlife Federation and is an excellent resource for students. If you would like to check it out and sign up to get your own subscription to Ranger Rick, follow this link There is a cost for a subscription so please be sure to get an adults permission to sign up. However, the website offers some amazing articles and activities for free!

I hope that you all get out and enjoy this beautiful day.

Much Love,

Mrs. Morissette

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