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Get Crazy with Compost

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

Did you know that the average person wastes over a pound of food each day and that the bulk of that food is fruits and vegetables? So I ask, why not compost? Fruits and vegetables are the easiest foods to compost. They break down quickly and they provide many nutrients for the soil. A great benefit of compost is that it reduces the need for chemical fertilizer. So turn those fruits in veggies into fantastic soil for your garden.

Here is a little graphic from which shows why composting is important.

We at the NBC love that compost can help filter out 60-95% of urban stormwater pollutants. That definitely helps our job! The fewer contaminants in our wastewater the better!

If you are interested in creating a compost with your family or at least learning more about it, here is a great article to check out. This article from the Natural Resources Defense Council makes composting a little more understandable and provides some simple ways to start a compost.

Composting can be very simple and doesn't require much space. Worms also love it! Artist and educator, Melissa Guillet has a great composting program coming up on May 26th. Here is the link to her event if you would like to check it out.

Let's keep pounds of food out of our landfill, and create some healthy soil for our own gardens.

Much love,

Mrs. Morissette

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