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Let Nature Be Your Friend

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

An educator and biologist Elaine Brooks once said, "Humans seldom value what they cannot name." Usually, the very first greeting we share when making a new friend is our name. Why not challenge ourselves to learn the names of as many native species as we can? Why not make it point to get outside and spend time with those friends every single day? Let's value nature and all of its species. Let's let nature be our friend.

This is always my favorite week of the year, Watershed Explorer's Conference week. I spend countless hours putting up posters, creating a song, getting a speech ready, making sure that all of the organizations coming to do activities are ready to present, and so many other wonderful duties. Yet, here I sit at the computer, just wishing that I could be outside with all of you. Our lives have changed dramatically from those that we were all living just months ago. We have all had to adjust to many different routines and ways of learning, none of which involve being together. This is hard. However, one constant has stayed through all of this, one that can provide comfort, solace, and peace. That constant, you guessed it, nature. Nature is there for us every day. It's there in the sun, rain, wind, birds, flowers, trees, bees, amphibians, and more. I can hear it singing outside right now! As tearful as I am writing this, missing all of you, I can hear my friends calling to me and when I walk out my front door to join them, I have hope.

I never met Elaine Brooks, but so many people have written about how wonderful of a person she was. She spent so much of her time outside and knew the names of countless species. She even worked hard to preserve land near her home so that species could live and thrive. She valued nature and showed so many of her students and followers how to value it too!

Especially during this week, but really through all weeks, I encourage you to spend time with nature. There is so much to explore, so much to learn, so much to value, and I promise, so much to befriend. Let nature give you hope, and let it inspire you. Even when our whole world is turned upside down, nature can be there for you.

Much love, I miss you all terribly!

Mrs. Morissette

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