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Monarch Update

Hello Wonderful Watershed Explorers,

I have a monarch update for you. The monarch has emerged. It took nine days. The caterpillar assumed a J-shape position on August 13th, it constructed its chrysalis through the night and was a chrysalis on the 14th, and it emerged this morning, Monday, August 23rd.

Our next endeavor will involve setting up a camera on a caterpillar so that we can see each part of this transformation take place. Our two monarchs have both been super sneaky. One minute they are a caterpillar, the next a chrysalis, and the next a butterfly. We have yet to catch one in the act of any part of the transformation.

Here are some pictures!

If the butterfly appears content inside its enclosure for several hours, my girls are going to wait until I get home to release it. If that occurs, I will try to get a video of the release to post for you tomorrow. If the butterfly seems uncomfortable, they will release it. Stay tuned for an update.

Happy Exploring Wonderful Friends,

Mrs. Morissette

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