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One Well

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Sunday. The weather is perfect again today, so definitely get out and stretch those explorer legs. I wish you the best of luck on the last week of school. I know that you have worked tremendously hard over the course of the last several months and you are almost done, so finish strong!

I wanted to share a little story with you today from a book entitled One Well, it is written by Rochelle Strauss. The book begins with this, "Imagine for a moment that all the water on Earth came from just one well.

This isn't as strange as it sounds. All water on Earth is connected, so there really is just one source of water - one global well - from which we all draw our water. Every ocean wave, every lake, stream and underground river, every raindrop and snowflake and every bit of ice in glaciers and polar icecaps is part of this global well.

So whether you are turning on a faucet in North America, pulling water from a well in Kenya or bathing in a river in India, it is all connected, how we treat the water in the well will affect every species on the planet, including us, now and for years to come."

Clean water is critical for life. Clean water is also a privilege that we often take for granted, especially here in the United States. When we think of this global well that we all share, I hope that we will remember how important this water is, and treat it the way that we would want others to treat it as well.

Does this sound familiar? This stretches beyond water doesn't it? You probably all have heard this quotation, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." When I decided to share this today, I immediately thought of how it connects to everything that we are facing in our world, and how thinking about our actions, and the way that they impact all life, is critical not only at this moment, but always.

None of what we are facing as a community right now is easy. There is a lot of uncertainty. Uncertainty can definitely make people feel uncomfortable, and it can cause them to react in ways that they didn't think possible. However, we need to remind ourselves that life would be a lot easier, if we remain kind, compassionate, and loving.

I started thinking while writing this, about how we are all just a very tiny little puzzle piece in the gargantuan Earth puzzle. Without each piece the puzzle isn't whole. It's not just about making the Earth whole though, it's working together to create something beautiful. We can choose to be the puzzle piece that gathers amongst the others to show off its individual splendor, all the while joining together for the greater good, or we can be that missing puzzle piece, under the couch, just laying there in the dark, unaware, uncertain, and unfound, not helping to make the puzzle whole.

I truly believe Watershed Explorers, that all of you are the first puzzle piece that I described. Your contributions to our great Earth puzzle are immense. You have made your families, your teachers, me, and I hope also yourselves, extremely proud.

Thank you once again for all the inspiration you provide to our community. You are all beautiful!

Much love,

Mrs. Morissette

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