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Outstanding Oceans

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

We have worked so much this year on freshwater, I thought that it might be nice to switch gears and speak about the importance of oceans. I think many of you already know many facts about oceans but I included a reference page below to use as a resource. This page comes from the book Curious Questions and Answers About Our Oceans by Miles Kelly. This would be a really cool book to check out this summer. There are some really fun facts and drawings inside.

My girls and I took a great hike at Rome Point yesterday. Rome Point is located in North Kingstown and is part of the John H. Chaffee Nature Preserve. This is a great spot to visit to get a little taste of the ocean while avoiding the crowds. The nature preserve abuts Bissel Cove, which is part of Narragansett Bay. There is a great, short hike to the beach area, where you can spot a ton of wildlife including deer, butterflies, beetles, chipmunks and more. Once you get to the beach area, you can walk for a few miles around a nice loop where you can collect shells and see some crabs.

Rhode Island's beaches are one of the reasons many people visit our state. Our bay and ocean house many types of fish, shellfish, and other seafood that our state is known for. Shellfishing is a very large economic resource for our state and one that relies on healthy water. The Narragansett Bay Commission works extremely hard to clean wastewater so that Narragansett Bay and our piece of the Atlantic Ocean stay as healthy as possible. If you remember the passage that was in Monday's blog about sharing one global well, it's really important to think about how we all impact our ocean waters. There are so many ways that we can work to keep our oceans clean. Check out the link below to read about a few.

Much love,

Mrs. Morissette

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