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Thankful for Kindness

Happy Thanksgiving amazing Watershed Explorers. I wish you and your families a fantastic day. Thanksgiving is wonderful because it reminds us to take a few moments, if not more, to reflect upon what means the most in life. I am lucky, and am so thankful for many incredible people and blessings in my life, Watershed Explorer teachers and students included. You are the reasons why I love what I do and am inspired to keep doing it. I am beyond thankful for the blessings you provide every year.

I am also especially thankful for kindness. There should never be a shortage of kindness in our world. Kindness reminds us how important and special we are and binds us all together no matter what we look like, how we speak, or where we come from. As small a gesture as a smile is, the kindness it shows can warm a heart, turn a bad day into a good one and possibly even change a life. I encourage everyone to remember kindness on this Thanksgiving and every day after. Smile more, and hug those that are closest.

Here is a virtual smile from my family to all of yours.

Much love all,

Mrs. Morissette

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