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VIP Spotlight: Ms. Abby Abrahamson

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

Today's VIP Spotlight is on an incredible young lady who has already charted quite a course towards making an enormous impact on our Earth. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ms. Abby Abrahamson!

What are your current educational endeavors?

I am a student at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. I am double-majoring in Sociology and Environmental Studies. I am fascinated by the intersections of these two subjects and I love learning about how humans interact with the environment!

What are your future plans after finishing school?

My dream job is to become a community engagement coordinator for a nonprofit organization that works to solve environmental issues. I hope to engage individuals and communities in solving environmental issues and to equip them with the resources and support to do so.

What do you love most about being a student?

My favorite thing about being a student is getting to learn all the time! I get very excited about my classes and I love learning about new things, especially the environment.

What is one characteristic that others would use to describe you?

I think one characteristic that others might use to describe me is curious because I ask a lot of questions and I’m always excited about learning new things.

What is something not many other people know about you that would surprise them?

I love to kayak and go camping! Before the pandemic, one of my favorite places to kayak was at Lincoln Woods State Park. I also went camping every summer with my family until recently, and I have so many memories from that experience that I treasure.

When you were little, did you like school?

I did like school when I was little, but I definitely like school even more now. When I was little, I didn’t like learning from textbooks and instead wanted to learn hands-on or outside. Once I found out what subjects I am most passionate about, I began to enjoy my classes more. Although, I still love learning outside or with a hands-on activity more than learning from a textbook.

What was your favorite subject? What is your favorite subject now?

My favorite subject when I was in grade school was history. My favorite subject now is environmental sociology or sustainability - it’s too hard to choose just one!

Do you have any special talents?

I learned to knit when I was 11 years old! I can knit blankets, scarves, and purses!

Is there, or was there a person in your life who inspired your educational journey? What was it about that person that inspired or inspires you?

I think there are several people in my life who continue to inspire my educational journey. Dr. Jane Goodall and Zoe Weil are several people who come to mind, as well as my fellow Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council members. Dr. Jane Goodall inspired me to pursue my passions, to work hard, and to maintain a sense of hope. Zoe Weil inspired me because her career combines the social sciences, humanities, education, and environmental studies, which taught me that everything is connected. Lastly, my fellow NYLC members continually inspire me to learn more every day so that I can make a positive change in my community.

Words to live by: Do you have a favorite quote, or saying that you could share that would help to inspire today's students?

Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.” ~ Jane Goodall. In the past, when I have visited the Watershed Explorer’s conference, I have always shared this quote with the audience. I think it’s really important that the Watershed Explorers know that they are unique, powerful, and inspirational. Their voices and their actions are important and make a huge difference!

I urge all of you to check out the NYLC and all that the group is doing to positively change our world. Maybe someday I will see one of your names on this incredible list!

Much love,

Mrs. Morissette

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