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Water Wise

Good Morning Watershed Explorers,

I hope that this post finds you staying cool somewhere! It's a hot one today! If you head out to explore, be sure to wear sun protection, and drink plenty of water.

I came across these great activity sheets from the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), and I wanted to share them. Click on the pdf below for access.

WaterQuality_Full_NewLogo (1)
Download PDF • 6.25MB

All of you are watershed and water experts from our learning together, but it never hurts to learn even more. Water is crucial to survival on Earth, yet it is being polluted at an alarming rate. In my last few posts, I touched upon the importance of creating less waste. Many of these ideas can also help to protect our water resources. The less plastic we use, the less of it ends up in our waterways and eventually in our own bodies. Drinking water from the tap is one extremely helpful way to cut down on your water footprint. This may sound crazy, but it takes more water to produce a bottle of water than it does to go and fill a cup from your tap at home.

If you would like to complete even more of a challenge, check out this set of activities from the NEEF, which asks you to become a watershed sleuth. You will even have the opportunity to win some cool badges.

These great activities will help you to become even more of a watershed and water expert. They are also a nice review of some of the material we covered in our lessons this year.

I hope that you will check them out! Happy Exploring!

Much love,

Mrs. Morissette

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