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Watershed Explorers in Action on World Water Day

Good Morning Watershed Scientists,

World Water Day was adopted by the United Nations in 1992 to bring awareness to the billions of people living without clean water and proper sanitation. World Water Day is celebrated each year on March 22nd.

Yesterday, Watershed Explorer students from Community Preparatory School in Providence took a field trip to Collier Park for some real-world science. They tested the water to see if there were data changes since they visited in the fall. Here are some photographs from their explorations. Many thanks to Mrs. Rojek for her continued support of the Watershed Explorer Program and for taking her students outside! I hope to be there with you next year!!

I wanted to quickly share a SciShow Kids video that talks about the Great Barrier Reef with connections to water pollution and what goes down the drains. The Narragansett Bay Commission poster contest theme this year is Using Your Brains When Pouring Down the Drains. This short video showcases several great water quality concepts and is worth the watch

If you are interested in creating a poster for the NBC's poster contest, here is the link to the information I encourage all of you to create a poster. You can either send it to me at or pass it along to your teacher so that she can send it to me.

The weather is scheduled to be beautiful this week. I hope you will all get outdoors to explore.

Much love,

Mrs. Morissette

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